Message to Dylan

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Get Well Dylan! on PhotoPeach

Measuring length accurately

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Measuring to the nearest cm or 1/2 cm. on PhotoPeach

Division on a number line

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Stepping our recount

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The Day I Lost My Job Recount by Mr Hartley on PhotoPeach

A very special moment…

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As always, on Friday was our learner of the week assembly. A boy won it this week and his mum was very proud to attend. What made this moment even more special was when the rest of the class gave him their silver stars from lunchtime as they thought he had worked really hard this week and deserved all of them! Nearly brought tears to many adults eyes. One very proud teacher :)


Division using grouping

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We have been looking at ways in which we can divide 2 digit numbers. Here Ola and Martin explain how they solved these divisions.

P.S. Please excuse Miss Davidson’s ramblings…technology got the better of her.

Storytelling in 3ND today…

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The Day the Zoo Bit Back (Stepping) on PhotoPeach

Times Tables Game

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Click on the link below to go to the alien attack times table game that we used in our starter for Maths today.

3ND Multiplication

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Multiplication on PhotoPeach

Story Challenge – 500 words

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Your mission if you choose to accept it is to create a story about anything you like but it must be 500 words or more! I will choose the best story and send it to someone of your choice. This might be the Queen, Santa or a pop star. You need to let me know who you would like me to send it to at the bottom of your post. Remember to check spellings and do not copy stories from the internet. If you would like to do a non fiction piece of writing like an information text or a recount like we have done in class. You could even write your own song or maybe even write a song for Anti bullying week!

Good luck! and I look forward to reading your epic and awesome posts!


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