Welcome all to our new school blog!

Please bear with us as we introduce this site to our classes. Our aim is to have all classes to be participating with the class blog by the end of the year. To see all of our posts click on home or select the year group at the top of […]


In year three we have been learning about charlotte’s web  In year three we have been learning about the myth In year three we have been learning about information text In year three we have been learning about recount

The Purple Cruncher

All was unusually quiet on the magical café planet but… if you listened very carefully… closely you can hear a floating faint sound of a musical  fiddle and then a old  robotic  fiddler appeared as he fiddled he sang a song, “I was sailing one silly old day and what did I see? A […]

The space cruncher

All was peaceful on awesome treasure planet in the wicked milky way , round the swift moon rock café and In the intimidating black holes , you could hear the brief sound of a drab fiddle flying in space. Outside the moon rock café a robo-fiddler appeared. As he fiddled […]



Year 3 Homework Summer 2 Week 1 Task 1 – Spellings Practise these spellings in your homework book. You can choose which list or even try all three! Don’t forget to practise the ones in your reading records too  journey cruise destination boat rocket navigate plane travel expedition walk […]

A journey to wickstead park

Last year summer I had some visitors, called kisha and  bo-bo or you can call him kunfe and also their mum, their dad stayed in Nigeria they come from Nigeria. I woke up also had a huge yawn,then I knew what the time it was without looking at a clock […]

Read Write Inc Jokes Day 1

As part of our last RWI  day of the term we practised our spelling by creating some jokes. Here are some of them. Which is your favourite joke and why?   RWI Jokes What did the traffic light say to the other traffic light? Don’t look I’m changing!   Why […]


Crews are not always very nice! Some are mean untidy and very massy! Some of them are … Lazy. But all of them follow the captain.