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In year three we have been learning about charlotte’s web 

In year three we have been learning about the myth

In year three we have been learning about information text

In year three we have been learning about recount

The Purple Cruncher

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All was unusually quiet on the magical café planet but… if you listened very carefully… closely you can hear a floating faint sound of a musical  fiddle and then a old  robotic  fiddler appeared as he fiddled he sang a song,

“I was sailing one silly old day and what did I see? A pile of glowing stardust in the middle of the galaxy fiddle dee dee there will be treasure for me fiddle de dee across the galaxy”

Captain Purple Beard heard the fiddlers music going through his ear,

“Magic glowing stardust  you say? can you show us the way?”  announced Captain Purple Beard.

“Of course I can.”  replied the fiddler, ” I made a comperasion of stars  so when I got to the café I could find my way back”

” Thank you!” asked Captain Purple Beard as he boarded their expensive futuristic ship the glow majestic  hole. The fiddler also told them the next spacey morning “There is one  small thing I  rembered yesterday there’s also a vicious, super, dangerous ALIEN!!!! Or so they say so he likes to eat yummy space pirates for dinner and who come for stardust .

Captain Purple Beard exclaimed to him “Well if it’s a alien it better beware for sure I’m Captain Purple Beard master of space ”

“Oh yes captain purple beard… He doesn’t scare me” smiling the fiddler said, “Come on! boys lets set those sails of ours!”Smiled Captain Purple Beard

“OK captain!” replied the crew half way there the crew was thinking all about the stardust “I’m going to fill my lovely space boots with lots and lots of stardust” one of the crew laughed and “I  am going to fill my head with it” well I want a bag of tasty space nuts” ” stop thinking about stardust and how about doing your job mates” Captain Purple Beard grumpily  told the crew later on…  The pirates went to bed dreaming of dreamy goodness but some of the pirates had horrifying  nightmares about the alien scaring them to deadly death. But the fiddler was just talking Captain Purple Beard ” here is my map” the fiddler told him ” ok much bigger then I expected fiddler I thought it was quiet big but not… Massive!” smiled Captain Purple Beard “oh yes its very big” laughed the fiddler “im going to bed…” mumbled Captain Purple Beard.

The next space morning the wimpy space crew were confused could it actually be? but the day before they numbered more… Then the old robotic fiddler sang once again his delightful music “if you too scared to continue go back to the the planet were the space café is were you came from and as for the glowing goodness of stardust do you really need more?” Sang the fiddler “seriously  you silly space pirates from all we been through you really want to give up? imagine all the stardust we will have!  You really don’t know anything about being   pirates of space now your miserable life is about to change after we get the stardust come on” then the crew started to smile with all the cheer the captain gave them they wasn’t afraid of anything “I can smell that lovely glowing stardust boys we are nearly there! They got sailing the their ship with thinking once again of all the magic rubbish stardust they will get soon they got In a super dinky ship and sailed all the way to the stardust  planet but the crew was too loud to hear the fiddlers last song “good bye space pirates I hope the stardust gives you good cheer but for risking your life for a pile of rusty old glowing piece of stardust you really want more stardust because you know your going to be greedy and you know being greedy is wrong so it brings me last to the end of my song.” They rushed to the planet having fun and dancing with hope and joy. Dreaming once again but Captain Purple Beard was so fast the crew could not keep up with him and Captain Purple Beard told his crew ” I’m too fast for you boys you want keep up with me I’m Captain Purple Beard scourge of space boys I’m getting the stardust and you’re not! the crew said ” well if it’s a race your too slow combining our speed we are too speedy for you Captain just then they were having and if they got the stardust they will get a brand NEW battle rocket next Captain Purple Beard laughed laughed and laughed with all the joy he was having. But the fiddler stayed in the rusty old boat and the space  pirates where.

Having so much fun of being rich rich rich nervously the crew thought it was too easy so Captain Purple Beard then the crew saw the alien inside the planet  “um captain?” The crew slowly whispered but Captain Purple Beard did not quiet hear them just then… CRUNCH!!! With a surprise and a pop goes the planet all the pirates got eaten expect The fiddler who was still dancing and singing laughing with joy.

Captain Purple Beard was trying to stay alive trying his best to get the stardust surviving the alien of… DOOM “this is difficult to stay alive” shouted Captain Purple Beard with sweat then he saw his meaty jaws just then Captain Purple Beard crying with fear and he saw that nasty fiddler sailing away. So captain purple Beard died in the aliens mouth cruch him to bits…

Fiddle diddle dee dee arcross the galaxy fiddle dee dee there will be dinner for me.

and all the stardust was lost from that day on the fiddler was never seen again… but the fiddler was always there somewhere in the galaxy…


The space cruncher

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All was peaceful on awesome treasure planet in the wicked milky way , round the swift moon rock café and In the intimidating black holes , you could hear the brief sound of a drab fiddle flying in space. Outside the moon rock café a robo-fiddler appeared. As he fiddled he sang a song.

“I was zooming one day and I see a planet of stardust  there’ll be treasure for me fiddle de-dee across the galaxy.”

His modern music caught the oval ear of the eager captain metal beard, putting down his slime and wiping his lips ,metal beard yelled out the window.

“Treasure you say?can you can show us the way?”





How to Grow a Cherry Tree Instructions

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Year 3 Homework Summer 2 Week 1
Task 1 – Spellings
Practise these spellings in your homework book. You can choose which list or even try all three! Don’t forget to practise the ones in your reading records too 
journey cruise destination
boat rocket navigate
plane travel expedition
walk voyage departure
fly route migrate
Task 2 – Times tables
Practise your times tables in your homework books. Don’t forget to try recalling them at random too.

Task 3 – Addition written methods
Try at least 3 of the following sums using the method we have been learning in class. E.g.
jottings expanded column method compact column method




32 + 17 = 64 + 32 = 89 + 27 =
46 + 28 = 56 + 39 = 138 + 49 =
53 + 29 = 89 + 27 = 531 + 284 =

Task 4 – Complete this sentence.
If you don’t water the cherry tree, ____________________________________________

Science – Magnets

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Check out the fun stuff we have been doing with magnets in Science!

A journey to wickstead park

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Last year summer I had some visitors, called kisha and  bo-bo or you can call him kunfe and also their mum, their dad stayed in Nigeria they come from Nigeria. I woke up also had a huge yawn,then I knew what the time it was without looking at a clock it was seven thirty pm. Then I marched to bathroom and brush my in a funny way. After I bathed in the tub… Just before I got out of the bathroom  my mum reached the very last step … the ones in my room woke up.when every one had eaten  my mother announced that we should go to Wickstead Park . when my cousins heard they really wanted to go on the Pirate ship the biggest ride of them all.When we got into the couch, Abigail thought  that she forgot something like make-up or something for girls.

All I needed was in my bag ear peace,  head phones and my I pod. The trip was epic.when we got there everyone was happy like the song happy. First we went on the ladybird coaster . Next we rid the log train it had falling droplets of water.It was 8:20 when we got home so we had roast and went to bed at 5 to 9.

Read Write Inc Jokes Day

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As part of our last RWI  day of the term we practised our spelling by creating some jokes. Here are some of them. Which is your favourite joke and why?


RWI Jokes

What did the traffic light say to the other traffic light?

Don’t look I’m changing!


Why did the one hand man cross the road?

To get to the second hand shop!


What do you call a dinosaur with no eyes?

A –do – you-think-he-saur-us


Why was the Egyptian boy upset?

Because his daddy was a mummy!


What do get when you cross a skunk and a dinosaur?

A skunk-a-saurus.


Knock, knock

Who’s there?

I love Doctor

I love Doctor who?

You just said it!


What do you call a one eyed dear?

I have no eye dear


What shops do pirates shop at?

Toys – rrrrrrrrrrr- us.


What do you call a sheep with no legs and one eye?



What do you call a donkey with three legs?

A wonky


What do you call a sheep with no legs and no eyes?

A cloud


Why did the spider buy the car?

To take it for a spin.


What colour is a burp?




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Crews are not always very nice!
Some are mean untidy and very massy!
Some of them are … Lazy.
But all of them follow the captain.


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A great cheer exploded in the classroom today as we reached 1000 views on our blog. Well done 3ND!
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